Better Support

JDE Systems is by former JDE employees for JDE customers and we have seen the company and the software evolve from not so well known to currently being used by thousands of customers worldwide.
Our engineers have worked in development, support and consulting organization in JDE and other companies helping JDE Systems create a unique blend of highly skilled resources having several years of client facing and support experience.
Remember those good old JDE days? We do and we walk the talk of going above and beyond for every single customer every single day!

Yield vs Effort

It’s a dream that everyone has but unfortunately most finish way short of that goal. Luckily you have a partner in JDE Systems to make that dream a reality.
With our byDesign methodology and the combined experience of our support and consulting engineers we can make that dream come true.
JDE Systems makes perfect sense if you want to maximize your result to effort ratio and dramatically reduce your TCO.

Develop better processes

You will be surprised what a 15 minute product questionnaire form can do in developing better processes for your existing JDE install.
We have saved hours and days for clients by designing better processes and procedures around how they manage and maintain JDE.
We recently spent 30 minutes with one of our clients and ended up saving them one full days’ worth of CNC man hours they would have normally spent for full code deployment and replication.
Talk to us and let us manage your JDE install and always remember we are truly 24X7!  Contact us to know more.

Eliminate the stress with employee turnover

Employee turnover is a major stress factor for employers and disrupts your day to day operations if not properly addressed. Key employees leaving the organization can leave your IT operation in disarray.
With JDE Systems help onDemand you can rest easy. Call us the same day you need coverage and we will have a resource available for you. Take your time to hire a new resource or give us the opportunity to take over duties from the person leaving your organization.

Single point of contact

The lead engineer assigned to you not only works on your issues but also acts as your single point of contact. Anytime you need help you can call or email your assigned engineer directly or log a case with us online. Never a need to explain your JDE architecture to a new person every time you contact us for help..!

Intelligent planning and scheduling

With help onDemand, vacation coverage, shift coverage and truly 24X7 support we got you covered from every possible angle.

Greater return on investment

With extremely competitive consulting and services pricing, 12-15 years of average JDE experience, being former JDE and owning and designing base JDE objects and apps, we give you the best without costing a fortune.

Numbers never lie

With 12-15+ years of support and consulting experience between us we have created a long list of happy clients. Give us a try and we are sure you will be part of that list too.