Thinking of dropping maintenance?

Thinking about dropping vendor support to cut costs? Let JDE Systems guide you in the right direction. JDE Systems was founded by X-JDE employees for current JDE customers and some of us have hands on experience in serving JDE clients from both sides of the wall.

Some of us have worked for third party companies and have real life knowledge about the pros and cons of getting off vendor maintenance.

Before you take the final decision spend a few minutes with us and we can give you both sides of the story and help you take the right decision that fits your short, mid and long term goals.

There are several ways to cut costs and with our help we can help you make the cuts in the right areas which can equal or can me more than what you would save by simply dropping vendor maintenance.

Before you decide on dropping maintenance you need to be aware of some critical information that third party maintenance companies may not openly share with you that can hold you back and even end up costing exponentially more than what you may save by ending vendor maintenance.

Example 1:

Currently Vertex has two Payroll Tax Solutions, the Q series and the L Series.

Vertex stopped providing monthly updates for L series from 2013 (for exact dates please refer or call your vertex sales rep) which affects all JDE World clients using the JDE World Payroll product.

For clients with Oracle maintenance, they have access to the bridge that Oracle had already developed for World Software that will call Vertex Q Series solution to calculate payroll tax.

If you are under maintenance all you will need is the Q series product and the bridge from Oracle. If you are not under Oracle maintenance you currently don’t have an option because as of July 2013 not a single third party support vendor has a solution for this.

Another such example is if you are on JDE World 7.3 cum11 and need to upgrade to V7RX. Currently there are no options for you to do so unless you get the VXRX1 A73 patch from Oracle. If a third party vendor says they can make it work they are lying! There are several programs that will not convert to run on V7RX and the only option is to get the patch.

Another example…..

Are you running E1 on an older tools release and need to upgrade your database or enterprise server? You may find yourself trapped..!. Third party support providers may tell you otherwise but do you really want to run your enterprise software platform on an uncertified tools release?

Do you want to lose out on critical quarterly security updates that can jeopardize your enterprise software investment not to mention sensitive client data?

Let’s take another example……

You are running XE on SP23 and you are off maintenance. Now you want to get to V7RX but you don’t have access to the tools code that will make it possible.

Third party maintenance providers may paint a rosy picture about this situation but if you stay on the same platform there is absolutely no way you can upgrade your OS to V7RX as some of the critical programs including PRINTUBE will not convert to run on V7RX without certified tools code.

Thinking about going off maintenance but have plans of upgrading to a newer JDE app release? Again, you will not have clarity from third party maintenance providers on this. You actually lose the ability to upgrade to a newer apps release unless you sign back on maintenance which may involve paying back charges for the time you went off maintenance. That can end you costing way more than what you thought you may save by going off maintenance.

It’s not all that bad for some clients planning to go off maintenance. Some of the clients who may want to go off maintenance include:

  • Clients moving to another software line – Oracle owns most of the software solutions out there. If E1 currently does not have a certain functionality, you may be able to take leverage of Fusion or other technologies to interact with JDE and remain on the solution and prolong your ERP investment. Talk to us if you are planning to move to another solution or considering others and we can get you the right people to talk to with options that can save you thousands and even millions.
  • Companies being taken over and the parent company uses another software solution and wants to use JDE in a restricted and eventually a read only mode.
  • Companies seeing a downward trend in their business and does not foresee any new software investments in their near future and wants to run as is without any changes to their existing IT infrastructure.
  • The scope for using JDE has changed substantially and do not plan to use the solution for a long time.
  • Cannot hire employees to manage and support current JDE install and need extra level of support that standard vendor maintenance may not provide. – Talk to us, we provide support onDemand and with our simple approach to support, we can help you stay on vendor maintenance and provide extra help you need. Use help when you need it!

Finally, going back to cost savings and the real reason we are here. Talk to us and let us audit your system and processes and create a custom solution for you that will end up saving you more money you thought possible.

Together we can do it..!

Let’s create a lasting relationship and prolong the life of your enterprise software experience for years to come.